Stacked Spring Vegetable Salad

A few years ago, while leafing through a magazine at the doctor's office I came upon this recipe or one that was very similar. Cannot remember which magazine, but I believe these were the main ingredients.



2 medium zucchini
5 medium carrots
1/4 red onion
1 cup romaine lettuce (torn)
1 lemon (juiced)
Extra virgin olive oil
Fresh dill
Salt to taste

To prepare:

Shave carrots and zucchini with vegetable peeler or mandolin. Press zucchini between paper towels to take off some of the moisture. Thinly slice onion and tear lettuce into semi-large pieces.

For the dressing, mix lemon juice, olive oil and dill together. Drizzle a light layer of lemon dressing in bottom of dish. A square or rectangle dish works best for this salad. Then start to assemble your vegetables. I started with zucchini, then carrot with some onion and then the romaine. Start again with the dressing, repeating the layers until finished. Seaon with salt.

To serve, cut into rectangles and sprinkle with dill. Enjoy.


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